Will Your Website Still Be Relevant in 2014?

SEO as we know it is broken. In the old days (up to 2012) you could buy an exact-match domain, write a few articles and outrank the competition with just a handful of cheap backlinks. You could even automate the entire process.

But the world moves fast and it’s getting harder and harder to manipulate the search engine results. Using old tricks to ‘game’ the system is like counting cards in Vegas. But Google (or Bing or Yahoo) is the eye in the sky. You might fly under the radar for a while but when you get caught, you’ll be banned from every search engine in the land.

The house always wins, right?

Thing is, smart entrepreneurs are using the new rules of website promotion to create truly valuable websites that will continue to dominate the online landscape for the next 5 years. Maybe 10.

And it isn’t even difficult …

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